Formula DRIFT Long Beach Saturday Recap (2021)

Publisert 20. sep.. 2021
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  • Odi really showed up but I still feel that Adam LZ didn't get a fair shot.

  • Who do fans get in contact with for ticket refunds?

    • What happened? You can send your issue or whatever to or

  • Did Odi make sure to thank the judges? They got him the win not his car.

  • No matter who fd has judging, people are gonna complain! Just because your favorite youtuber had some controversy over a call doesn't mean new judges aren't gonna do the same thing. The judges make the rules, judges will make the calls. Get over it people. Stop talking trash about the judges so much.

    • "The judges make the rules, judges will make the calls." So basically they can do whatever they want, right? Why compete then, just say who you want to win and that's it. They make the rules, they make the calls. Do you remember Wiecek vs Aasbo OMTed so many times for Aasbo to finally take the win? Smh.

    • @jarred gallaher

    • @jarred gallaher I'm not sure what your question is. It's pretty convoluted. Can you try rephrasing with more clarity?

    • @Formula DRIFT so then why not put on a good show? theres tons of Nascar reps who you could hire, Indy reps, NHRA reps.. if you guys are so confident in the decison, post a analysis of the driving footage? why show the same cut scenes in every promo? 32 drivers at the minimum, so each driver could have one highlight reel shown.

    • @Formula DRIFT why hasnt this been brought up before? no FD drivers have made videos about the telemetry.

  • Funny how they don’t show Odi’s incomplete in the round of 32?

  • I heard FD will be kicking out Adam LZ and will not join the competition.

    • @Formula DRIFT what a bullshit

    • @jarred gallaher Both drivers had an incomplete in the chase runs. We then compared the lead runs. LZ had enough of a lead run to compare, which even if he had finished would not have bettered Odi's lead. There was no justification for a OMT in the current rule set. If people want to change that, fine, but it would not have been consistent with how the rules are at current.

    • @Formula DRIFT why is there no OMT? and no statement? Just halfass comments without even an ounce of punctuation.

    • not true

  • you guys need to clarify the rules at beginning of the season and after that no changes... kinda weird that 3 wheels rule at the middle of the party

    • @Formula DRIFT never heard of a "professional" (emphasis on the quotations there) motorsport that changes rules on the spot. Pretty sad to be honest. Then again ive never taken FD seriously anyway Lol

    • Drivers ask for changes all the time and we don't turn them down. They vote on things. We log those things and we implement them for the season and then we update all of that in the next version of the rulebook. We are flexible to the drivers needs. They ask for rule changes all the time for new things that occur. This is exactly how the Wheels Off = INC rule per each track came into play.

  • Come on. Resign. We need and want new judges. Here the fans. We are what matters.

  • The judges are idiots

  • Changing rules every rounds lol

  • Bad call on lz...js

  • They need to get rid of those bs judges

  • Even the judgments here in Brazil in an amateur championship like the "Drift Show Series" are better than the Formula Drift 😀😀😀

    • @Jake Apollo Vaughn said, he thought the two tires were off, not three. He's actually wrong. It's three. Vaughn also thought that we made the right call against Odi in Erie, but we were wrong. We admitted it and changed it. Drivers can be wrong. Judges can be wrong, but of all parties, we are on the record when we get something wrong.

    • @Formula DRIFT by how it's done in all pro sports, owning up to the mistake by the Judges publicly and apologizing to LZ for it and again as they do in all top level events make the needed adjustment, to the score Odi didn't win. It's all about saving face damage control for FD now, if you want to grow and be respected you need to win back everyone's trust again you guys lost so many people over that bad call, and that kid LZ is bigger then FD and every driver in there even then JR even here called bad call. This was the wrong driver to be professional with with the hole world looking on in disgust. - bringing up the rule book will not save face , when the calls are not the same for every one all the time. Forces on your mistake because the world is.

    • @Jake Apollo And how should that be done in your opinion, perhaps using the rule book or precedent?

    • @Formula DRIFT focus on the problem at hand the bad LZ call and fix it. Own up to it and make it right.

    • Our rulebook us widely used as the global standard. Have to ask yourself why?

  • FD make it right the LZ call was bullshit you are bad for the sport a C-class not pro level event

  • 🦎 🦎 🦎 🦎

  • Surprised Odi didn't thank the judges seeing as they won his first race for him.

    • @Chris Think about the sector map for Qualifying, ok? Now think about how you accumulate points as you go through the course for Line, Angle and Style. Now judge Adam's run to the point of contact. How many possible points were left? Given Odi's lead was probably a 95 or higher, Adam simply did not have enough points to gain even if he had finished the run. That's how we judged it. BTW, I realize that bothers some people, and maybe we will make a new rule because of that, but on the inverse, if you don't use that reasoning and you do OMT, that actually for sure is not in the rulebook.

    • @Formula DRIFT I'm still wondering how you judged LZ's lead run as worse when he didn't get to finish as he was hit, last corner or not that wasn't over the line. Just looked at the news section and it gave the same piss poor explanation that the commentary and judge did after the race.

    • You're thinking Erie and we overturned that call when there was evidence. That's one way you know the judges are legit concerned about the truth. See the news section of our website.

    • @MR_ JZ_12 watch again drone footage as lz accelerates u can see tire mark from rear right wheel going in inner cliping point side, and watch the battle before with dai and ken same thing just wheel went in outter side so thats 2 wheels vs 3 wheels, could have been one more time but looking at all the runs Adam had in practice etc it would not make any difference, he need way more practice to match odi...

    • @Thermosmcjug two things wrong with your statement. lz didnt' go three wheels off, and even if he did, one of the previous runs had the same "error" and it was a OMT.

  • Saturday Recap: Judges are incapable of following rules, FD is cooked... saved you watching a bullshit 3 minute video.

    • LZ was robbed then Aasbo damn

    • You hearing this. This is how the fans feel. Please resign. Jarod Deanda, step down as announcer and walk away from FD.

  • Ass judges.


    • @Gustavo Vergara Rhys Millen, Samuel Hubinette, Tanner Foust, Forrest Wang, all amazing drivers that no longer drive in Formula D. Although the first 3 really have nothing to do with the judges.

    • @Hayder_jz forrest wang is out of FD? I didin't know that!

    • It is a must before losing more drivers first Wang now IDK who

    • Every comment is about the judging…

  • Odiiiii 🙌🙌🙌🙌💯👑

  • i know odi is such marvelous driver, but the call against LZ is questionable, should be OMT. good for another head to head battle entertainment, good for the sport and good for the fans.🤕🤕😀😀

    • The win also with the event because he drove over the clip in the lead

    • @Nascarbubba 2910 the tag is because i reply on your comment instead of mine, sorry for the misunderstanding. i will remove the tag 😀😀😀

    • @Agung Sedayu The youtuber / pilot named "Renato Garcia" with about 23.5 million subscribers here in Brazil will race in Formula Drift ProSpec next year, there will be a lot of people watching, and if there is an error in the judgment, it will be chaos 😀😀😀

    • @Nascarbubba 2910 i not pointing at you, im pointing at fd community

    • @Agung Sedayu wym so the community can be better I never said anything bad and u just tag me and rant what did I do

  • Some bullsh*t judging

  • it was a pretty good day tbh

  • Round full of twists, I love it!

  • The bullshit continues! Judges don't let the underdog win even if they deserve it! They allways make sure the same drivers make it. People don't care about FD for a reason.