Get to know - Vaughn Gittin Jr. (2021)

Publisert 23. sep.. 2021
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  • everyone says I'll meet Vaughn. No. I will do my very best to tandem with him one day! Keep my word. :D

  • Yes yes!! VGJ ^^

  • We need to have every driver at the beginning of each year make a mini gymkhana style promo video for themselves. The amount of views those videos would get could make some serious revenue and help showcase each drivers style and personality. @hoonigan X @formuladrift collaboration?!?!?!?!

    • Completely agree, if they had their own little gymkhana or preview video it'd do wonders for viewership

  • One day I'll go to FD and meet Vaughn. One awesome day😌🙏💯

    • @Shiva John hope so

    • @Caleb LoVerde I bet that one day we will get the opportunity

    • i went to fd and almost met him twice! but i never did

  • 😊💙🚘💨💨💨

  • Can we have a ("Get to Know" : Where our judges got their experience)

    • agree

    • Obviously not I’ve never seen the judge ever drift🤣


  • I love this dude no homo

  • without nfs shift 2, i wouldn't recognize this guy, also without him, nfs shift 2 wouldn't be as good as it is rn

  • Love gittin such a great person

  • Great