Get to know - Taylor Hull (2021)

Publisert 30. sep.. 2021
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  • After St. Louis last year Taylor Hull has been one of our favorites, and he was super nice when I met him at Texas Motor Speedway.

  • I feel so bad for him with all these dislikes and comments man

  • Why you guys hating on hull?

  • Better be sure this video paints him in a good light otherwise you'll get a protest filed from his "team".

  • PRO:FILE was a better name for the series

  • 🤡🤡🤡

  • Wonder if he’s better at insurance fraud then drifting🤔

  • I would rather not.

  • Taylor 'Bulldozer' Hull

  • Taylor spin on purpose hull

  • His beard looks like Danger Ehren’s when they made it out everyone else’s on jackass

  • I’ve never seen one of these get so many dislikes 😭

  • Lol nothin but haters in here, at the end of the day you losers are just mad that your Lzero fanboys and wont have even half the skill taylor has

  • Big hat, no cattle. This guy pisses upwind

  • Ole kenny bartum lookin ass.

  • Oof.

  • I don’t get the hate with Taylor, can someone explain ?

  • Keep the dislikes coming boys

  • FD has amazing drivers but sorry everyone in FD is far from being the best, not when they are comps like rds etc out there, they are the best in the US tho

  • Oh god maybe they should disable the comments on that one. just kidding, they're freking hilarious 😂

  • Welcome to FD Trailer Park edition….

  • Get to know Taylor Hull he admitted to insurance fraud on video

  • I also love brake checking the opponents

    • @mello aasbo was known for breaking cuz sometimes he goes too hard on the turn and to not spin out he has the habit to breaking he said it and so does his opponents

    • @Larson Racing. says the guy hating on taylor hull

    • Lol hater

    • Thats aAsBo and chris foreskin. The two brake check masters

  • Lmao his favorite thing about FD is the thing the rest of us hate, all the stupid tracks that they run on... With the exception of Irwindale and Long Beach.

    • @Formula DRIFT idk maybe ppir would be a good one....... just Saying!

    • Give us some other options.

  • 1:13 "I love everybody, but it's time to put 'em on the trailer when we uh, go up to battle." - Talor "spin to win" Hull.

  • saw the title came for the comments too early no spicy comments yet grabbing popcorn and waiting in suspence

    • lol, same thought.

  • I thought he was in the demolition derby?

  • Its not even an ATS V...nor did it start as an ATS V. it started off as a base model. Nitpicky, but annoying to hear it.

  • Where gonna get to know how he can't drive

  • “Doing better”

  • the insurance fraud 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • I opened this vid, turned around... aaand my wallet's gone.

  • I spun out just watching this

  • I smell the hate comments already

  • Ohhhhh boyyyyy

    • Ye, and when a car hits him he purposely turn the other way so the blame gets put on them

    • @Itz_Shu jeez,and does he actually brake check too?ive seen alot of comments saying that as well

    • @marky quindoza uhhh, I don't hate him but apparently he committed insurance fraud by purposely crashing a bragged about it on YT

    • Why do people hate him lol

  • Taylor Full Insurance Fraud Pull Hull

  • Na we are good we know hem and all he's games......... clown.

  • Hate comments incoming 👇