Formula DRIFT Japan - Okayama - Top 16

Publisert 9. okt.. 2021
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Welcome to Formula DRIFT, the Official home of Formula Drift on NOwine. Judged on execution and style, rather than who finishes the course in the fastest time, Drifting is where Action Sports meet Motorsports, and is often compared to the freestyle nature of skateboarding and motocross.


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  • Hibino jumped the line hard, this is why Tamagawa stayed on the line. Only Ryan Lanteigne saw it, I can't believe Tamagawa didn't complained...

  • Thx for reppin Turtle house! Free Penny Lane Ippolito from DHS in Fort Collins Colorado! Xxam shop with me. Yt Short 🛸🐢♥️,,,,,,

  • Pneu chora na Fórmula Drift

  • Help😟 its getting DusTy 💨

  • Previously, I loved Japanese drift event ..but now it's getting bored...the track..hmmmmm....not much challenge,..this is formula drift...please make it havoc

  • 🦾

  • chevy V8

  • Tamagawa vs Hibino, super biased judging, should have never been an omt and even so Hibino is slow as fuk and what Robbie called style is just blocking the line with angle .... but hey I guess LB has some weight...


  • 👍

  • 1:02:03 , 1:27:50

    • @247 mtt no início o Fausto errou so era necessário o cara completar mas ele aumentou muito angulo e acabou perdendo o grip e rodou ou seja uma volta que os dois zeraram ja a primeira foi boa tanto lead quanto chase ou seja empate

    • Valeu

    • Não entendi como o cara está atrás, não toca e o da frente roda, sai da pista e o de trás se ferra! Essa de mais uma vez foi sacanagem dos juízes!

    • Obrigado, ajudou muito!👍🏻

  • Hibino's new car is a weapon! This layout is very for chase car to keep proximity, but good event nonetheless.

    • His car is extremely slow... not too much grip, probably too light on the rear

  • Yo

  • Their cars are so 🔥🔥🔥🔥