Get to know - Dean Kearney (2021)

Publisert 6. okt.. 2021
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  • One for Adam???

  • Adam????

  • Y'all didn't do him justice on the thumbnail

  • dean definitely has the skill to get top 8 overall but i think the car just has some gremlins idk why,maybe its just because of dean's irish origin but its definitely getting to him lol

  • Always fun to watch

  • Salt of the earth!

  • Up Fenor

  • Sickest car in FD

  • dean,you need to be better

  • Dean’s Viper is the best handling car on TorqueDrift in my opinion!

    • @Eli Thompson I like how grippy it is. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Dean’s car in Matt Fields car.

    • @Peyton Perryman you can use Dean’s car on Forza? That’s rad, I didn’t know that. Just found out last night that I can use my Xbox One controller on my iPhone, makes it soo much easier to play lol.

    • I’ve messed around with it some in the sponsor events and stuff. It always just feels way too grippy. I like Matt Fields car personally

    • and in forza lol

  • Yow Dean

  • Anyone know why they took down the otherand uploaded it again? 🤔🤣 Great man 💯

  • First💎💎💎💎 this guy's a legend

  • First