Rollin Out w/ the Falken Team in St. Louis

Publisert 29. sep.. 2021
Presented by @Falken Tire

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  • I’m surprised that I managed to make it in the video at 2:25 with the falken girls.

  • Courtney is looking pretty thick

  • Odi gives me hope that I too can look like I would be more on the techy side but actually behind the wheel

  • Now how ca I get a shirt with Signatures of the falken team. I don’t mis one Challenge gone wait for number eight

  • Formula DRIZFT

  • Rollin' in the Falken team sponsorship money. Sponsored by Falken tires.

  • I love how Odi looks like the guy who pulls the ECU and computer out to optimize the car telemetry instead of dropping the hammer and threading the needle with the car. Lol Also: I am in love with JTPs car. I’d give my left nut just for the drivetrain.

  • 4th

  • Im tryna join fd one day

    • @mιfzαl 5881 hell yeah thanks bro 🙏 bless you

    • I will one day forsure just gotta keep grinding and make it happen !!

    • @Nathan Towe unfortunately Racing is very expensive. But hey, enough hard work and sweat will get you there anytime.

    • @Skywarp it’s not that hard actually you just need a lot of money, skill and to fill out the forms then you have to get a formula drift license, drive prospec then you can go pro actually nvm it’s hard

    • I personally wished they had a video on their channel on how to become a Formula Drift Driver.

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