Formula DRIFT Long Beach Top 32 - ALL ACTION

Publisert 20. sep.. 2021
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Welcome to Formula DRIFT, the Official home of Formula Drift on NOwine. Judged on execution and style, rather than who finishes the course in the fastest time, Drifting is where Action Sports meet Motorsports, and is often compared to the freestyle nature of skateboarding and motocross.


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  • Today I learned that mustang can drift

  • Formula drifts judging style is very flawed, obviously picking favorites

  • fd needs more love and subs

  • Nah ini baru di sebut tandem

  • How about these nissan drivers stop using v8 and use the vq platform maybe they won't f*** up as much.

  • He have more power to make more degre with fast aceleration its hard i mean to make stable with more corner

  • Long body comfort but to much burn tire 🤣🤣it think i dont know im wrong or not🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  • Replace the judges

  • Anyway they can take Adam out, they will

  • Adam LZ did get robbed, they could have at least given him an OMT, ODI clearly made the mistake.

    • What’s the basis of the OMT based on the rules?

  • Don’t know why everyone’s crying so much about LZ. His car control wasn’t as good as Odi’s. Not saying I would do any better but I’m not a pro drifter, maybe he should’ve ran an access division for a couple years, get more experience.

  • The second announcer is really good very informative. But the other one really shouldn’t be there

  • The announcer really did Alec Robbins dirty with boasting about JTP Just the judges tell us bro we already know but you spoil the hell out of the entire show doing that

  • I wonder if I am the only one wondering how Federico and that awful Ferarri keep making it to top 32?

    • Good question lol I don't think he's ever won any competition with that car lol.

  • Adam Lz?

  • Dumbest racing, EVER!

  • This place is just so old n boring to me but its so cool getting to see fd here again. Also if you like Lzero your a stupid asshole

  • Love FD and the judges

    • @Lucky T Tico problem?

    • Why formula drift like this one? (the only comment that praise them) oh thats why.

  • Keep Drifting Fun!

  • How come people hate aasbo? I’m genuinely curious because I’ve seen so much hate on him in the comments and I would like to know 🤣🤣

    • @Attila Kováts ahhhh I see, but like what? If you know by chance. Because I’ve seen people say so many different things

    • Aaasbo is a pretty good driver but he did some fishy things in the past. But honestly he s much more fair in the past years.

  • Alright, adams chase sucked, and his lead sucked, a omt was irresponsible

  • I slowed it down to slowmo and lz was only 2 tyres off such shitty pathetic judges

    • You can see the tire mark in front of the cone on the second run

    • Both front tires and the right rear were inside the cone

  • how do you judge on only a lead run between two drivers, when you only have one complete run to judge. one was clearly ended before the finish. wtf

    • @Formula DRIFT lmao nice song

    • @Lon Don Please refer to this: Good unpacking of why Adam is 3 and Dai is 2.

    • @Formula DRIFT 1 - 3 Wheels off doesnt count as an incomplete 2 - An incomplete means an incomplete regardless of how much distance is left from the finish

    • @RGE_Vindicta Gaming Specifically what? No Incompletes for tires off?

    • @Formula DRIFT i suggest the RB to go back to how it was during Atlanta, before the change.

  • Stop licking a NOwiners boots

    • Stop licking the biased judges' boots.

  • FD needs new judges Matt was robbed and Adam was robbed

  • Yes!!!! im the 60th like LESSS GOOOO!!

  • came here for comments and sure enough they have been started lol love it


  • adam was robbed 🤣

    • @Larson Racing. Ahah yo smoke weed you as tense as your mum string. And its not beceause you dont know the reason that they re la no reason

    • Aw the guy that divorced his wife for no reason and has a douchebag attitude didnt win? Aw boohoo

    • @Prometheus dequavis we care. read the comments lol

    • who cares, he wouldve just lost the next battle anyway, look at the car control comparison between the two. its no where near close not even a little tiny bit

  • El zed was robbed 😂🤔

  • Plz get better judges

  • Love DRIFT