FD Moments - Alec Robbins Qualifies First in St. Louis

Publisert 4. okt.. 2021
Presented by @drinknosenergy

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  • yeah he did well , strangely

  • it seems like there will be a new wave of champions soon, with adam LZ and Alec Robbins who knows who could be the next champion.

    • @CHILLY MAN yeah def,alot of em are getting better and better

    • @marky quindozayeah maybe, It's anybody's game at this point, we just have to wait and see lol. I have noticed that a lot of drivers are stepping.

    • Maybe Dylan Hughes?

  • This was a good day

  • alec robbins FTW 🍻🍻🍻🍻🔥🔥🔥

  • hearing jarod talk about drifting is like that stephen smith talken about MMA

  • He is steppin up 🙌

  • Facebook is down ...

    • dont say dude