Super Drift - Long Beach Grand Prix - Day 1

Publisert 24. sep.. 2021
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  • I'm not sure what this was, but the effort seemed so half hearted.. Nice to see Wang again, man how he's changed imo

  • Forrest Wang is king good to see him drifting

  • Forest woo

  • What is the Super drift ?

  • Carx drift 2 is better than torque

  • It’s so funny how the workers have underglow too 💀

  • I do like the Ryan and Ryan technical talk, but I LOVE the excitement Jarod Deanda brings to the mic! Overall fun battles here to watch!

  • Lmao, the pic of Forrest Wang at 51:13 😂

  • Rome might not have any break pads left 😅

  • aaaaa etados unidos pais de doido aki no brasil nem pista de corrida direito tem

  • Damn wang could have won the battle if he hadn't straighted 2ft from the finish line. But glad hes back.. Hopefully next year he competes in the main comp since his kid will be older by then.

  • No Jared Deanda? Best content ever!!

  • Great job Jeff!!!!!

  • Bring back Forrest wang 2022

  • So much better without Jarod's bumbling commentary. 👍 Ryan and Ryan 👍++

    • Agree, Ryan and Ryan are so professional and insightful. None of the nonsense babble.

  • Wang with the best looking s15

  • what brand of tires does Forrest wang use?

  • Wang 🐐 🐐 🐐

  • I don't know who's pic that is of Forrest Wang, but that definitely is NOT him!

  • rgb shoes *.* I WANT !!!

  • tears dropped from my eyes when essa asked the guy for a ride very nice !!!

  • WANG gang. Ps: WAnG GAnG. Pps: All day.

  • Looks like Forrest wang changed race’s 😂😂

  • So glad I was finally able to see some drifting in person!!!

  • Damn I love seeing Wang drive 💚💜

  • Rip Kyle mohans motor

  • NOwine lmao your a joke

  • Is NOwine broke? Lmao

  • We need more Forrest Wang in our lives 🤙

  • Action starts at 13:16 Beechum vs Charpentier- 31:27 Sorensen vs Essa- 38:30 Pawlak vs Wang- 46:31 Jones vs Mohan- 51:56 Top 4 Charpentier vs Essa- 58:32 Pawlak vs Jones- 1:06:00 & 1:20:00 Finals 1:35:51 1:40:05

  • Wang、おかえり😃💓

  • Is it just me or was that picture 100% Not forest wang

    • So I'm not the only one....

  • HELL YEAH, THATS MY BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Whats up with the profile picture of Forrest Wang? That does not look like him... Mandela effect?!

  • Where has Forrest Wang been at this year?! He was improving well in 2019

    • @Calebthezombie ya i remember the chris forsberg incident.

    • @Rithwik J haha yeah I heard the boos. It's not the worst call I've seen though. Way back in the day at Wall NJ, Tyler Mcquarrie overcooked it and crashed in the first corner. Denofa was chasing, made no contact with Tyler, but also went into the wall while checking up to not crash into Tyler. Some how they deemed Denofa at fault haha. I think it totalled that chassis too. Judges have been bad for a long time. I'm pretty sure Wang took a year off because of it before too haha

    • @Calebthezombie i watched it live on FD channel and people were booing like hell. Even the hoonigan guys who were supporting worthouse team said wang won the first round. If james deane had lost that battle he would have lost 2019 championship and triple championship record also thats why judges did that. James got 2017,2018 & 2019 championship.

    • @Rithwik J Had to go back and watch their battle. Its crazy that Wang didn't win on their first run, second run, or third run. I'd probably bail on FD too haha

    • @Nathan COVID. JD is running in RDS and Piotr has dominated DMEC this year.

  • So cool seeing Forrest Wang back, and his car looks amazing

    • @jesus lopez yeah i noticed it, thought it was funny

    • why do they do a second competition in long beach? it doesn’t go towards the actual championship does it?

    • @jesus lopez I did.

    • Did anyone not notice that was not his picture?

  • Someday I'll be 90 in a nursing home and one of the nurses, who will be born twenty years from now, will say, "Have you ever heard of the Teriyaki Boyz?" On that day the world will learn just how turnt an old-ass man can get.