Super Drift - Long Beach Grand Prix - Day 2

Publisert 25. sep.. 2021
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  • I’m new to this spot want to learn more about and what cannel does this come on

  • when is the irwindale race?? i wanna watch it

  • Spoiler alert ⚠️ He should have just ran the last race, cmon dude this is what u came here for! Ride till the wheels fall off! Even if the engine starts smoking just run those last 2 laps!!! What do u got to lose? He lost by not taking a chance, u miss all the shots u don't take in life ya know?

    • But I do have sympathy and idk what happened to his car but I was disappointed 😞 I wanted to see that race

  • I love competitive drift racing, I wish more people followed it haha it just feels kind of underground and not enough people know that this spot is out there! I've been showing my buddies and we all love it and watch it now haha they never new it existed lol

  • Forest is back wooooo!

  • The fact that Essa was trying to hit that corner with a lot of angle like how Justin didn't work out as much for him

  • 31k views in 24hrs. lol

  • As Friday, wang getting robbed. He should of tooken the win. Pawlack didnt even go out the way out in first t.a.g. and on his chase he straightened on the same turn to initiation to next. Judges are lame.

  • I feel like beechums car looks to heavy cus when u see it sideways it leans and comared to other cars like jtp’s mustang it doesn’t just cleanly shred tire . It kinda struggles to stay sideways and I don’t think it’s the driver it seems like Beecham was fighting the car and when he had good runs then he was really aggressive

  • Jeff Jones is such a good driver And lemme tell u guys sum These mustangs can hold some really incredible angles And are insane once they are working right

    • those minibuses taking half the track u mean? should not be allowed in fd

  • npc wang

  • Watching Indycar right now, I wanna drift this track so bad…could be the rockstar energy talking

  • Forrest is just so awesome, I started following FD on the two last times he competed and missed this so much! What a beast!

  • i hope we'll see wang next year in FD again

  • Justin Pawlak reinitate from touch&go1 to oz1 and nobody see that, it is normal and ot is coused by Wangs hanging in t&g and when Justin hangs from oz1 to oz2 and that is normal and ok... Shame on fd as always... I realy like Wang and this is reason why he is not competing in fd anymore. For justin, assbo and some other drivers, everything is great as nobody notices their mistakes. 🙄🙁🙁😔😔

    • That wasn't a reinitiation, it was a minor stall, very minor and it was because he was in proximity. On Forrest's chase he did not follow Justin at all, took a shallower line and still got gapped. This is a clear case where it's good to understand what mistakes equate to what.

    • Y’all sound like LZ fans😂

  • How can Mohan suck soo fucking bad after years and years of driving experience? Seriously IDK why the guy even shows up.

    • And don't say it's because of car trouble, if that's the case his cars been down for years

  • 👍

  • What would Jimmy Broadbent say about 3rd place? "Can I put a Wang on that?" Yes you can, Jimmer. Grats to Wang on his podium return to Forumla Drift events.

  • Having the two Ryan's narrate is refreshing although it's all love for jarod

  • So kewl to see Forest Wang!

  • Was there last weekend, can’t wait to be there at irwindale

    • I wanna go next year, how much was the tickets?

  • Hey is that there that guy ruumm charpinteeer?? Holy fukeen shheit