Formula DRIFT Long Beach Top 16 - ALL ACTION

Publisert 20. sep.. 2021
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  • Tuerck'd

  • Yea JP just went to far on one swing and back the other way the momentum was too much

  • can u guys not with the framerate. this is the main channel where else should i go for a quality stream

    • @CamCam if it’s on the drone, that’s because of the area. We always have issues with DTLB

    • @Formula DRIFT res down is ok but there's choppy frames. appreciate the work with the turn around time, but i think that it would be a better viewing experience if rendered in a CFR format :)

    • All action is going to be down res’d because of the turn around time we get this piece up. You can always watch the original broadcast, which is full 1080

  • I don't prefer the "All Action" videos. I enjoy the event in between!

  • "Its 6:30 we have an ordinance and cant have cars keep running!" odie and assbo- nah dude we finna send it. had me dead.

  • I really wish the commentators would shut the hell up for 30 second on just one of the replays so we can hear the cars and fans. So annoying just constant chit chat

  • So sad to see what happened for Matt Field

  • King bolt coming in clutch with bolts for Justin Pawlak for the rear bumper

  • Message to the sound person: Please lower the commentators mic volume, the screams were terrible in this video.

  • Chris got robbed

  • Don't know why it looks so boring comparing to RDS, like this is not drifting at all

  • Thank you for posting these all action cuts! It makes watching the whole event so much better.

  • Don’t care unless Adam lz is here

  • The announcer just yells

    • He’s live to the live audience as well. That’s why it comes off like that.

  • Not sure if there is one but has anyone got a link for Michael essa E46 mod for assetto corsa?

  • What are those blue & white tents at the beginning of the course? They're empty, could have fans there cheering....

  • Damn I was genuinely disappointed when Dylan spun out he did fantastic in his runs

  • I didn't really hear it this last weekend cus I went to six flags and sunday I didn't hear them

  • Well done Audi Bakšis.

  • Can no longer watch this farce of a drift series...

  • 🇧🇷👀

  • Where are you madmike ?

  • i wonder who the official suspension of formula drift is

  • These judges are so biased it runs the sport man. It’s disheartening. I prefer FD Japan. Real judges judging the driving. Not their friendships with drivers

  • Field vs gittin best battles of the event amazing

  • The way Pawlak trunk recovered looks like a work of science! How do body kits return to original shape that way? 27:00 -timestamp

    • Collapsible Bumpers. They hold the shape of the car, but are actually a form of like hardened plastic that extends past the roll cage on the back of the car. Vaughn and Chelsea have them as well

    • The cars don’t actually have the manufacture bumper

    • tube frames with plastic skins that look like cars

  • If that collision would have happened in any other race series there would have been some type of penalty. Vaughn was coming in way too hot before Chelsea ever touched the handbrake

    • @Phat Nugget yeah but look at the speed of f1

    • @Formula DRIFT if only other motor sports would penalize this way… F1 has been ruined by the FIA’s penalties tbh

    • The penalty is that one driver gets an incomplete. We never penalize beyond that unless there is evidence it it was intentional.

  • When is fd Japan again?

  • all action only 1h of video 5h of replay bruh

  • I love the driving I hate the commentary is there an option to turn the commentator off ?

  • 370z is awesome 😎

  • Jesus, the judges were really stupid in the head this weekend.... First was AdamLZ questionable "3 wheels off" on the last inside clip that no one saw other then the judges, a questionable Denofa fault on Top 8 lead run and then how in the world is that a Aasbo win on Top 4.... the guy barely had any angle on the chase and was always in the inside, very shallow... Seriously, when the judges don't follow their own rules and go on favoritism, it kills this sport!

    • Aasbo lost against Vaughn

    • Aasbo had an amazing lead run, getting close to the walls instead of smashing the car into them. The LZ thing was a dispute but was very very close to the Dai Line and the judges and announcers did a great job of explaining how close it was and why it was different for the two of them and why Adam didn’t win. HE WAS JUST FARTHER INSIDE than Yoshihara. They are following their own rules, there’s just always going to be people like you hating.

    • That sounds like making up a rule that doesn't exist because it's what you want.

    • Also, you seem to focus a lot on the follow. Aasbo's lead was better.

    • Emm with denofa. He pulls the e brake where he isn't supposed to, that is enough to give him the fault. Then Vaughn was shallow; he was following denofa's line until denofa pulled the e brake and moved to a wider line, whcih vaughn wasn't predicting.

  • The squat in Jeff Jones's car was insane

  • For the editor of this film, and future "all action" mute the comentators pls! we have a livestream saved on this channel already, and personaly i would preffer engine sound, and not those ppl

  • Does Aasbo still run a B58 engine?

    • Still running the B58

    • did he ever change it? or talked about it? check papadakis there should be news if so

  • Damn!! Kyle was so smooth and consistent this round

  • Ma nigga odi won congrats bro besides James dean odi is my 2nd favorite congrats ma brothaa👌💪💪💪

  • Props to Kyle Mohan this week-end. I was sooo happy to see him lay down great runs and competing in the top16.

    • I 100% agree! He's been at it for a long time now and he has proven his leads and chases over the years are fast and aggressive. Just seems to have a tough time putting them both together and has battled car troubles.. I love seeing a talented underrated driver getting some W's. Awesome driving @ Kyle Mohan. One day maybe FD will be judged fairly and allow everyone to have an equal playing field hahaha.

    • his lead here was awesome.

  • Lessssss goooooooo one day imma be up there on fd

    • @•Ghostaz• I read up on it they don’t make a ton from racing alone but the sponsorships and other stuff help, it’s more just a dream of mine though not really in it for the money

    • I’m not sure how much money they make but I’ll be watching them if I figure much they make I’ll consider it

  • Team RTR ALL THE WAY!!! Chelsea’s gonna win the series

    • I hope this isn’t a spoiler